What is Information?

Information is a word that is used a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? In its most basic form, information is data that has been processed in some way. This processing can be as simple as organizing data into a list, or it can be more complex, such as adding context or interpretation.

In the digital age, information is more than just data. It is a commodity that can be bought, sold, and traded. This has given rise to a new economy that is based on the exchange of digital information.

However, not all information is created equal. Some types of information, such as evergreen content, have a longer shelf life and are more valuable than others. In this article, we will explore the different types of information, evergreen information, and their value in today’s digital world.

To break it down, there are actually 4 different types of information (based on my own opinion, others might have their own opinions different from what I listed here) and these are:


Factual information is information that deals solely with facts and it is short and non-explanatory. The best place to find factual information is in reference books such as encyclopedias or almanacs.


Analytical information is actually the interpretation of factual information. Analytical information is information that can either be quantitative or qualitative and is mostly used for decision-making. This is the type of information that researchers generate in their studies. Analytical information is mostly found in books and journals.


Subjective information is information that is from only one point of view. Opinions are always subjective and can be found in books, journals, websites, and book reviews.


Objective information is information that is understood from multiple views and presents all sides of an argument. The best place to find objective information is in Newspapers.

I have tried as much as I can to make this story short, but if it will be too much for you, simply scroll to “Copy the Idea”

What is Evergreen Information and Why Does it Matter?

Simply put, evergreen content or information is information that is relevant to the needs of a specific group of people. So to really understand what evergreen content is, you will need to do a bit of research and come up with ideas on how to generate the type of information that you plan to put out for these types of groups of people to read, also it lasts for most of the time and can actually last forever.

Examples of evergreen content/information:

Essential Guide to Social Media Marketing

How to care for a puppy

How to lose weight fast

10 ways to enjoy chocolate, and much more

When doing your research, to avoid information overload, you need to avoid the trap called “shiny objects” as this will lead to confusion, and at the end of the day, you won’t be able to know who to believe or to follow.

“Info is available everywhere but the freaking “gurus” (I called them hungry lions, looking for another prey will make you believe they have the info to sell to you, (this is freely available if only you will be patient with yourself, research, persevere and you will find what you are looking for). “Guess what Google, Yahoo, and Amazon know this, which is why we can’t do without them. I have always been on medium (joined via “Madam Abena Talks” (madam AT) yet never really bothered to research the medium platform. I guess it wasn’t yet time. To be honest, madam Abena Talks got me on her email list due to her smooth talk on Youtube (though she got access without my consent, more about Youtube and initially brought me to medium and subscribed to her email list on medium, so medium always sent me madam AT’s evergreen information, which is not evergreen but copycat (copywriting). This article is really getting longer and I will try to make it less than 12 minutes, which means, I might not be able to discuss everything in detail (but will in the next article).

I was just looking for ways of making extra income to help me in meeting my everyday needs. I have been living from pay check to check and getting into debts because my monthly income could not cover all the bills.
Photo by Chiara Daneluzzi on Unsplash

How I started and some of the lessons learned:

I was simply looking for a possible way of making additional income to augment my monthly salary, however, the 1st information I actually purchased was fake. There is nothing to sell except to put my name in the manual and begin to use Social Media to look for gullible people and tell them to pay me £10 via PayPal, after receiving payment, I will simply send the information via the buyer’s PayPal email. I tried reaching out to the lady (the seller) who simply ignored all my emails. That was my loss, right? Yes and No. If I had taken time to read the terms and conditions of PayPal and the refund policy, I might have been able to recover my £10 investment, but I never did. (More about privacy policy etc. later). However, I took my time to read the manual and got 2 information which are “affiliate marketing” and “how to”.

My Mistakes

Heard the word “affiliate marketing” and as instructed in the manual, signed up with Clickbank (so easy anyone can do this), however, during your registration process you heard a question like are you new to affiliate marketing, once you replied “yes”, Clickbank will attempt to sell you hundreds of courses on affiliate marketing at the same time. The best way simply is to answer “no” instead of “yes”. Whether you said yes or no, you will still complete your registration process, that is all. The next thing is to start looking for offers to promote as there are many categories/sub-categories to choose from. Since you are new all you have to do is to look to the left where all the categories are listed, however, being new to affiliate marketing I really do not know which categories to select, so I went to Google (my 1st love and still is, though I got suspended because I mentioned the name they don’t want to hear, which I learned later on and how they actually brought me back to Google) and typed the word “how to do affiliate marketing” into the search bar and within seconds it returned more than 512,000,000 within 64 seconds (see the image below), although I just did this research as I’m writing this article ”, however, this has always been the practice. I clicked on the 1st website that came up on page 1 of Google, and low and behold I was hooked by the sales page as it was talking about affiliate marketing using Clickbank by Rob E (a 2nd mistake), did no further research, brought out my CC and bought the manual. Guess what, Rob E (I have 3 of them, i.e. Rob T & Rob M but got rid of the other 2) and stick with Rob E, because he tried to teach me what I already know (he too was talking about affiliate marketing), but he did not mention going straight to promote on Google (which the first manual said) because you will be penalized (Google had stopped this method more than 2 years, yet they were still selling it as evergreen information), rather Rob E. was of the opinion that you need a bridge page, which he neither explained or really taught you how to do it, as he wants more money so keeping you in suspense because you have given him your email address. I should have been patient though but he was not responding to all my emails, which made me go back to Google, so eventually bought other courses because to me it was cheap until they almost turn my head due to information overload (indirectly selling the same information) but saying different things, so my confusion, I don’t really know who to believe. My advice really is to stay away from affiliate marketing (until you really understand the tactics, otherwise it amounts to a waste of money) instead buy and sell on Amazon, you can also use Amazon to sell your used items. Amazon is still the best to start your business if you are really serious about online business. If you are just reading this article, I will encourage you to also read my articles on how to sell on Amazon, I will include the link at the end of this article.

Learn how to do affiliate marketing in easy steps.

The second lesson I learned from the outdated information was that you don’t need a website, just open an ads account with Google, add your affiliate link, set up a daily budget of maybe $5, and watch the money roll into your bank account without doing any heavy lifting. Wrong, instead of approving my account by Google, guess the email that I received was a warning. Curious to find out what I had done wrong and instead of telling me the reason, I received the final warning. This got me angry wrote a bad email and the next email that I received was a “suspension email”. I, therefore, went into limbo for a long period of time but never gave up on my research as I believe there should be something I could do to assist in the payment of the numerous bills that I had to pay on a monthly basis. One warning though, always read and understand the privacy policy, terms, and conditions, refund policy, etc (this will save you from trouble). I will explain more about privacy policy, etc in my next article. Next, I went back to “Google” and type into the search bar “what is a robot” (because I was really confused about how the staff managed to single me out and sent me a warning email instead of approval). The answer that I got was “a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically”. I guess this was the beginning of what is now known as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is Information Overload

Information overload, also known as “shiny object” describes the excesses of information available to a person to complete a task or make a decision. This will impede the decision-making process, thus resulting in a poor (or even no) decision. So when you want to buy information from the gurus, you should be especially careful to ensure you prevent information overload. A second lesson is that stick to one guru instead of buying different types of information (from all sorts of gurus) all saying the same thing but in another dimension. It happened to me and this made it so difficult to progress to the next stage. I had to get rid of them one by one until I was comfortable with a few numbers that I believe will help me in my entrepreneurial journey (this includes Rob E). He is beginning to teach what “Copy the idea” taught me and can’t wait to hit him in the face by using him to sell my products. I have learned and really know what works and does not work.

Copy the Idea

Whose idea really? No new idea as the information that is being presented to you is free information that is available everywhere (more especially on the internet) and what you will succeed in buying is information that is readily available (he just copied the information, turned it into his own) which was freely developed into an idea and to get you in, turned it into a book (became best-seller). Due to this, you bought it and discovered there is nothing new. At this stage, he had succeeded in capturing your name and email address. By the way “copy the idea” was the brainchild of another “guru” named “Andrew R”. Andrew invited as many gullible people like me to his “final event” (because I have been going to his seminar for 3 days specifically, Friday to Sunday every year), though never bought any of the ideas that the gurus wanted you to buy), now that he was retiring, having reached the advanced age of 67. I know him since the year 2014 when someone I can’t remember now sent me a link that says something along these lines “if this is the only book you will read this year, make sure it is “copy the idea”. I researched further and decided to buy the book. I bought it on Amazon, UK and the book was delivered to my address a few days later. I read the book and finished it in like 1 week. Never believe these gurus as they are not ready to quit (he was in limbo for like 2 maybe 3 years, and low and behold he came back, this time around no event but promoting affiliate products to his list). I went to the event (at least he is retiring), and there was nothing except a bunch of “gurus” all trying to sell their products or services. I did not buy anything (I learned from Andrew R the guru), however, I still fell for him by putting in my information as he will be celebrating his retirement with other people (gullible). He claimed to have retired and never retired. More about him in my next article.

My advice to you, however, is that before you make a purchase do thorough research both with Google, Trustpilot, and scamadviser or alternatives to Trustpilot and scamadviser. Concentrate more on negative reviews and not positive reviews. If you cannot find information about the product or vendor, don’t even bother to make the purchase, run and move to the next person to do your research.

In my next article, I will be discussing in more detail the following, though, I might have to split it up as I don’t like long articles in which I believe there are other individuals like me out there:

How to do your research to avoid losing your money and wasting your time.

What is Coaching Program and how to avoid it like a plague? Mentoring is the best option instead of a coaching program.

Who is madam AT and why she might not be good for you? She is fighting desperately to get her 2nd account back on medium (so I learned in her recent article, did not read it but only saw the title and her name). “How” “I simply type her name “Abena Talks” into medium search bar and, low and behold it came up” The next thing I noticed was the title/headline Medium Deleted My Account and it Destroyed My Earnings — But I’m on a Mission to Bounce Back” “Madam AT built a 7 figure income with niche blogs + faceless content pages” yet cannot afford $5/per month to become a member on medium”, but wants you to become a member via her link.

What affiliate marketing is and how to avoid it at first until you are really ready for it. All the gurus (including solo ads providers) are not into affiliate marketing, but selling you bot email lists or reviews of products/services/software they never tried to use to really understand the pros and cons.

Why a Mentor is better than a Coach.

Is Youtube (YT) really dead? I don’t think so but I can see YT keeping Tiktok in limbo as is now the case with Alibaba and Aliexpress. Alibaba fighting desperately to be relevant (even asking buyers to take loans), and buyers (sellers) in the marketplaces have since realized, there are better alternatives to Alibaba and Aliexpress.

Why Google is still my preferred search engine when compared to others like Yahoo, Microsoft, etc?

Never use affiliate links on medium, the community is built around people reading to gain knowledge and not to buy. I figured this out within 24 hours and deleted all the links that I included in my 1st article. The guru that taught the system (making at least $100,000/year on medium) was never on medium (all he was doing was promoting his business, by recording videos on Youtube). Medium gives you everything you need to know whether an individual who claimed to be on the platform is there or not.

Earnings Report (do your investigation) as most of them are just using it to sell their business. Those earnings are not real.

A thorough review of the gurus that I have bought their programs and why you shouldn’t buy from them (It is an extensive investment like paying $3,000 up to $15,000) for a course that is free both online and offline.

Why and how to avoid Social Media Groups, never join them as “MLM” is still very much around, you will fall for it because it is coming from the group you joined. MLM is simply, Multi-Level Marketing. More about it in future articles.

What are copyright issues and why you should not use other people’s images, articles, etc?

What are cookies and why you should not accept all if there is a “reject all button” go for it as you will still be able to view the website in spite of your choosing the reject all button.

Why autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse, and Constant Contact are still the best, once you unsubscribe, you will never receive further emails from these autoresponders, although you might still receive more, (the secret), you only subscribe to “one list”, “the gurus” will add you to all other email lists they have created and you will be wondering “I have unsubscribed, why I’m still receiving further emails”. That is when you will realize that your email is on all the lists they have created. I have finally been able to get rid of “Todd G” as what he did was to add my email to his private email autoresponder when Aweber did not allow him to resubscribe my email.

With private emails (not Aweber, Getresponse, etc.), as soon as you unsubscribe, trust me, “the gurus” will add you back to the list, so you have to tell “Yahoo” it is spam, despite marking it as “spam” sometimes, it will still end up in your inbox, which is why “ I still prefer Google to Yahoo, etc.” Simply tell “Google” “block or spam”, and that is the end of it, you won’t receive further emails from the “private email gurus”


I am still of the opinion that selling online is the easiest and you should start your journey with Amazon. Click this link (if you want to ask me any questions), I will endeavour to answer your inquiries within 48 hours.

Furthermore, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has now taken over my Twitter account, Linkedin account, and also “IG”. I was prompted to change my password which I have done on the 3 platforms, but up till now, I have been denied access to my accounts on the 3 platforms. My offense really is that I’m now ready to start exposing “the gurus”, they already know and word quickly goes around, that she has woken up from her slumber and is ready to start exposing our secrets. Never give your main email to anyone of them, instead create another email that you will never check, give it to one, and all the other “gurus” will have your email within 24 hours, trust me, I have been there and understand how it works. Now that you know the truth, you decided to divorce most of them within 24 hours, and before you could say “Jack Robbinson” or “word has gone round” don’t send any emails now as you are no longer welcome.

I have left “Reddit” more than 6 years ago, as I can remember, but 1 day ago, I received an email from “Reddit” that says “after detecting some technical irregularities on your u/yemm1 account, we took the extra precaution of locking your account”.

To unlock your account, “reset your password now.” I was on Reddit maybe for only a few months, but not really interested, I left, and now out of the blue, I’m receiving an email prompting me to change my password. Even Google is warning me right now, to sync all my passwords by visiting “”. This is really serious as I don’t know what else to do. As advised, I will sync all my passwords now as I finish editing this article.

Finally, at the last count, I have 42 followers on medium, not aware that I’m checking my stat as I’m editing the article, and now it has dropped to 31. “Why,” your guess is as good as mine, I have refused to follow them back, so why continue to follow when “she” will never follow you back? I’m giving the other followers up to 48 hours to remove themselves or I will remove you myself when I’m ready.

It is payback time, as I’m just starting.

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