Hackers Have taken over my PC!!!

This is short and less than 2 minutes. I have been working on a book for the past 6 weeks. I could see that some websites were trailing me and actually reading the book — it is in one of the story that I titled “Make Money with no money”. I finished the book which I planned to add to my other published kindle/paperback on “Amazon”. I have a copy of the book on my PC, while I added the book to “Dropbox” — a cloud app, where no one else can see your saved “documents”, unless you shared it or gave anyone your password. Last Sunday, December 11, 2022, I woke-up and ready to upload it to Amazon, but got the shocker of my life, the write-up has disappeared on my “PC”, so I just smiled and said, it is in the “cloud”, low and behold, the copy on the cloud has disappeared too. I have been telling my friends and family members, some people are watching me while on the “PC”, but they all said that it is not “true”. The hackers, removed/deleted the covers, the book itself and left useless files that are not important. I cried my eyes out, and had to console myself, it is not the end of life.

Hackers are on the “prowl”, trust no one!!!. Life. life lessons, poetry, blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, author, politics, philosophy,, start-up, technology, artificial intelligence, robots, software, health, multi-level-marketing, (MLM), start-up, etc.

Please, if you are touched by my story, kindly go to “Amazon”, based on the country where you can make a purchase and help to buy any of the 4 books that I have written to date. Please, also celebrate and appreciate “Andy Murray”, as he retires from “tennis”, he is my “hero”, that helped to make me write my 1st 2 books — “Wake Up to Reality” and “the Pursuit of Excellence”.

For now my life is not safe, as the “hackers” have refused to leave me alone — “why” — because, I revealed a lot and knew that if that book comes out, they will all be in “trouble”. It is going to come out “anyway”, but will not be in the same “format”.

If you are following not for “guilty” reasons, send email to, and I will follow you back. For others, “hackers, jealousy”, etc, remove/delete yourselves immediately, or else when I get my PC back or buy a new one, I will remove you one by one, trust me.

Thank you.

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