Fear of Rejection and How to deal with it

What is Rejection?

Rejection can simply be defined as the act of pushing someone or something away and this rejection could be from our family, friends, or in trying to get employment or even at the workplace. The main reason — some people cannot stand “you” and will never appreciate you even if you put yourself down to be “killed” for them, they cannot and will “never” like you. That’s the bitter truth and the better you know is worth the while, so that when you are rejected be it by your family, friends, at the workplace, or even in dating, you will not kill yourself before your time. Rejections are actually referred to as distractions (necessary to get you to where you have been created to be) and without them, as in wrongs or detours, you will never realise the potentials the Creator of the Universe has deposited into you.

Life is about going for what you like and want but what would you do when you are constantly being rejected? Rejection can be painful as I have experienced it and this is why I’m writing about how I have been able to handle it, in terms of negativity and positivity. The Creator of the Universe sent me some people that I will actually appreciate in future (I call them HOs, though, I have mentioned it in the “book” that I’m currently working on and is due for release on Amazon “KDP”, hopefully, by the 1st week of December 2022. I realised that I have allowed “rejections”, “failures”, “losses”, etc. to have affected me “negatively”, thus the only hope that I had left was to die, but the owner of the “Universe”, knows that it was not my time yet and sent all these people to me and others who I’m yet to mention them now, but might actually, write briefly about them in this article if time permits me.

Big or Small Rejection Affects Everybody

what is rejection? how to handle rejection, negative rejection symptoms, positive rejection symptoms

I know how rejection feels and I believe other people who have experienced it also know it is really painful. Most of the rejections that I have experienced in life have to do with my family members, friends, and colleagues at work, and even rejections in getting paid employment. Everyday situations can actually lead to feelings of rejection like if your joke did not get a laugh or if no one remembered to save you a seat at a lunch table or even moving away when you attempt to sit beside him and he quickly moves away once he realised that you wanted to sit next to him. This will always continue to happen and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Who I am I

Just a brief introduction about “who I am”. I’m an introvert to the core and in my early days cannot even look into anybody’s face and will never look at you straight in the eye and though I know that I have a bit of knowledge as I always carry the 1st to 5th positions when I was both in the primary school and even in the college. I’m not good technically and this did not help me in the final examinations in secondary school (the final examination), this leads to what was called W.A.S.C. I had straight “As” in the subjects that is called “art” then but never did well in “science, geography, biology and maths”, the only weapon that I had and know is that before you will beat me when it comes to questions and answers, and even writing, (once it is outside of science, etc), you will have to either do a “night vigil” or read till daylight, yet it was a mystery to all those that were my mates at school (I’m not saying I’m the best writer as I know that there are millions if not billions), that can write better than me, however, they all know I have one weakness, which is “science” subjects. As much as I tried to learn and understand, I never really do well, so I gave up — my worst mistake, as I discovered later in life, that all I needed was to be patient, persevere, take all the necessary pains to ensure that I learn and understand it very well. Much, much later, somebody taught me the art and I was like what? That was how I knew. Today is not really about me, so, I will pause, as if the creator of the Universe spared my life, and He will, I will write about the story of my life.

How do you deal with Rejections?

There are 2 main ways to handle rejections and these could be “negatives” or “positives”. I had all along handled every rejection, failure, and loss, in the negatives and this resulted in MH, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, fear, sleeplessness, anger, frustration, irritation, low self-esteem, etc. The creator of the Universe, whether you believe in His existence or not knew that I was just existing and was actually looking forward to “death” and then send people to help me overcome my addictions which I have stated above including also, “Psts”, as I don’t want to sound too religious. To be honest with me, these difficulties, rejections, failures and losses landed me in the hospital in September 2019 and I was there until the 19th of November, 2019, during the period of my hospitalisation, I never knew there was a place called “earth” talk less of knowing I was even alive. It is not only those that are “dead” that have ceased to exist, even though there are some people up till now who cannot recollect or even know there is a place called earth or a place of abode. If you are writing about “rejection” just because you want to earn money and have not experienced it, I know from the 1st 2 sentences of your story. If you have ever encountered rejection just like I have, you will know and appreciate that rejection had killed thousands of people and some have committed suicide before their time was up on earth. Even after I was discharged from the hospital in 2019, I did not know anything until January 2020, that was when I started asking questions like, where have I been all this while, and that was the truth.

Negative Handling of Rejection

depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, loss of appetite, uncontrolled anger, panic attacks, mental health issues.

Like I said above, the negativities that I mentioned, more especially fear (force evidence appearing real) low self-esteem (meaning life was not worth living) and what I was hoping and dreaming of all the time was “death”, never blame anyone that has unfortunately taken their own lives as they couldn’t cope and I happen to be one of them. However, the Creator of the Universe was not ready to agree with me. That was why he sent all these people to me including my in-laws, the HOs and others too numerous to mention in this story.

Do you realise now that even the superior colour “Bees” are even using the minority silly colours, “Bs” (though to me there are no minority people), against each other, though, I have refused to accept the belief that the “Bs” are useless by the verdict of the majority of the colour “Bees”? The Bees know the ones to target and will never consider or even employ you (though they know you to be an introvert), so you will always be rejected, since they already know you will never agree with them on most issues and you will stand your ground, and ready to lose your job in the process. I really know and now understand how it works. The Creator of the Universe has sent countless people to me even while I was very young (this is how you know the real people that the Creator, has ordained to be either a Pst, Props, etc) to tell me that I did not create you to work under anyone — meaning, you will never be recognised, though you put all your energy and you will even be sacked in the process (that was exactly what happened). Another person asked me when she met with me and asked the question “do you have a passport, said “yes” because I taught she meant “passport photographs” and she said to me I’m not talking about “PP” but “International PP” and I replied “no”, she said go and get one because you are not meant to live in this country. I hissed and said (within me) not to her, is it now that I had a very good job that I should begin to look for one IPP, I just got a job in one of the best “banks” in my country and was actually looking very well as I could afford almost anything I wanted (this was after much troubles at securing a job). Though prior to the bank job, I got a job too with an oil company, one of the best in those days, but never had peace of mind at work, as those extroverts cannot stand me and did all they could to get me out whether by force or by fire. The woman knew what I was thinking about and repeated, go and get the “Int’l PP” or else, you won’t have peace and took one bad look at her and said “bye” and I could still hear the woman screaming, a word is enough for the wise. As the woman said, the extroverts were already waiting for me and I never enjoyed the banking job either. In the process, I enrolled in further courses since I was from a very poor family, all sorts of courses and managed to have the certificate that took me out of “secretarial jobs” as I never liked it anyway and also those silly extroverts that are always making mistakes in their typing cannot stand me, because, I hardly make any mistakes and the bosses will never keep their mouths shut, but will boast about “E” is the best out of all of them, so you want the extroverts to like me, the answer is no. Anytime any attempt was made by any of the bosses to promote me, they already knew and will conspire together that the promotion will never happen, not while they are still in employment. I knew that I was not wanted so I started other courses while working in the banking industry, and when I finished the 1st course (to be revealed in the story of my life) and requested for conversion to the main banking line, my request was granted by the then (Managing Director), so I was moved into core banking, this almost cost me my life, but the MD was of the opinion, I have granted her wish and there is nothing anyone of you can do about it. I was then transferred to the “Admin Unit”, however, they too were already waiting for the introvert that will take away our job. My point is, I was never accepted, they keep putting up the pretence that they all like me. I was being transferred from one department to another until finally, I was transferred to the “Human Resources Department”, in fact, one of the staff in “HRD”, told me finally — maybe you will have friends now as no one really liked you. It happened just as he predicted, and I now realise that those that are getting promoted each year and some every six months are extrovertsvery lazy, but can scream from now till eternity and everybody knows them and even the “Management” is afraid of them. They never worked as they are “clueless” but use others to their advantage and they always get away with it, all the time. That was when I remembered the woman that told me to go and get an “Int’l PP”, then, I told my “H”, I needed an “Int’l PP” and he does not understand why I should even be talking about “IPP” when we are both bankers, well paid and can afford whatever it is that we wanted. I simply looked at him and said, I just want to travel out of the country to see the other side of life. So he agreed, and then I went to the passport office to apply for one, I filled out the form and handed it back to the officer in charge. It was really easy in those days to get an “Int’l PP”. Next, I knew they were some embassies, 2 to be honest, but I was not prepared to wake up at 3.00 a.m. in the morning and queue for the whole day to even get the application form not to talk of applying for the visa (I will reveal the 2 countries in the story of my life), so I did my research, found out there were other embassies that were actually looking for “people” to apply for their visa and travel to their country. Two came up and I decided to apply through the embassy that was very close to my workplace. As soon as I got there, after, I filled out the form “how long do you intend to stay”, I just said one week and the next thing, that I knew was that approval has been granted for your visa, come back in the afternoon to pick your passport. So, I taught to me, if this is so easy, why are some people queuing for the whole day to get an application form and on the day of the interview will even leave their houses at 1.00 a.m. at night — those were actually the people that wanted to get out of the country as fast as they can, and will never come back anyway and the 2 embassies know, so the punishment was 8 or 9 hours que, and they already know beforehand the people that will get the visa. Even when I got back to the office and told my colleagues, that I have been granted the visa, even my “Group Head” was curious and said “how”, I simply responded, I don’t know. To cut the long story short, as soon as I got the visa, I applied for a 1-week annual leave, and I bought my ticket together with accommodation. One unfortunate incident happened while I travelled, my “mother” passed on to the great beyond. I had the dream, saw that we were both captured, I managed to escape, but my mother never came out, thus the Creator of the Universe told me, your mother had died. That was exactly what happened, but no one called me not even my “H”, but all waited till I came back before the news was broken to me. I returned back to work, and after the burial of my mother, said since I’m now an orphan, as my father had died almost 12 years ago, I made up my mind, I will be travelling every year for my “holiday” as no one really knows when he/she will die. My “H” then joined me too, since he too has lost his parents and he actually told me, I don’t think I know my mother — meaning, the mother died when he was barely 5 years old. He knew his dad, because, he died at the age of 70. As we were travelling up and down including one of the countries where people normally queue for 40 hours to get their visas, another man came into the scene, and the Creator of the Universe sent him to us again, I did not tell you to be travelling round the whole world, you are not meant to live in this country. In summary, we listened to our Creator, I applied to come and study abroad, but the visa was rejected at first, despite the fact that we have 5 years visitors visa on our “PP”, I was actually upset and said, I’m not interested anymore, after all, I had enough to travel and buy whatever, I wanted. The Creator of the Universe, sent the same man to us again, that was your punishment for disobeying me. We did not bother to argue, but simply sent my “PP” back to the embassy, however, somebody heard about our story and said you need a lawyer, as most if not all the people that have been granted student visas, never bothered to come back and stayed put, letting us know, the rejection was not because, you cannot sponsor yourself, but due to the past experiences with student visas. So we approached a lawyer, he just requested for the rejection letter, wrote an annoying letter and said if the visa was not granted, we shall meet in court. I remembered 2 things from the lawyer’s letter, we had actually paid for the whole 3 year’s program, and the school in the country actually sent a separate letter to the embassy, that is the 1st time a student from this country will pay the full fee for the entire duration of the program. That was it, even though, other people came on the scene, telling us but not directing their answers at anyone specifically, such as there is somebody here, that wanted to travel abroad to further his/her studies, approval has been granted. When I heard this, I said, thank heavens because I knew it was directed at me. In short, we all travelled out without even knowing what is called a “dependent visa”. Our intention was that I was the only one that was coming to study, and the rest will travel back after two weeks, just to make sure, I was okay before they come back to our country. But as the Creator of the Universe had planned it, the visitors’ visa was converted to a“Residence Permit”, this is not the story for today, but if I’m alive, I will tell the story of how it happened.

I had no experience whatsoever but really wanted to work in the banking industry, as I was entitled to 20 hours of work per week. I always get invited for interviews, but never get beyond that stage, do you have so-so experience my answer was no, but I have worked in the banking industry in my country for more than 15 years, and the reply will be “sorry we cannot employ you” unless you have the banks’ experience here. When others hear my story, they would tell me that I should tell them that I have 5 years of experience and I’m like which bank will give me the reference letter and if I’m eventually employed and cannot perform, what will then happen to my 5 years fake experience, they instantly knew, don’t bother, she is an introvert, she will never get the job. At the end of the day, got a job through a friend, who told me what to do and I did just that. The lady actually told me I know you don’t have the experience, but I will offer you the job — though not a banking job, I was contented, at least, I did not lie. I started work, the pay was very good, but I had one major problem, you have to stand until you have your break maybe 15 minutes, and I told the person that helped me, this job is not for me and I don’t even care whether they pay very well or not. Another friend just told me after I complained, I cannot continue with this job, then mentioned something, I have never even thought about, simply gave me their telephone number and I rang them the following day. They told me to come to their office and gave me the time, day and time. When I got there, I met other applicants that were filling out their forms. The woman in charge, actually, she was one of the directors, asked me where I was from originally and I told her I’m from this country she simply looked at me and said I know, I was just trying to test you and even told me some of the interesting places she has been to in my country and told me, I like your people and wish I could actually relocate and live their permanently. I filled out the form and could not even answer most of the questions since I don’t have the experience. So when it was time for the proper interview the lady, not the director, told me you did not even answer most of the questions and I told her, to be honest with you, I don’t have any experience, so I don’t really know what to answer. She then told me this is my first time coming across someone that is brutally honest and said, I will give you a trial but told me, I need 2 references I told her I can only provide one which is the place of work that I am about leaving since I know they will give me a reference. She then told me the 2nd reference can actually be from a friend, but not your family members, and I said, yes, I have a friend. That was how I got the job, and everywhere they sent me to work, the same compliment like waooh, we really need you as a permanent worker because you are too good. I got my 1st permanent job and the extroverts were already waiting for me and had actually held a meeting before I joined, so I never enjoyed the job from day 1.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

They are actually three (3) basic things that everyone strives to achieve in life and these are what (Abraham Maslow called the “hierarchy of needs”):

Security (physical, financial, emotional, etc.)

Connection (relationships, feeling valued and accepted)

Control (feeling empowered to make choices and have options).

The first major step to recovery is to step away, take a deep breath, calm down and get thinking straight again. The main practical steps to overcome are:

To get rid of anger (as you can actually hurt those that really love you in the process): Acknowledge the fact that “anger” is a spirit that needs to be dealt with through prayer, breathing deeply, taking a walk and never allowing your anger to overcome your emotions or last beyond 24 hours. Everybody expresses anger at one point or another. Other negative rejection symptoms are equally spirits that need to be dealt with the right way such as panic attacks, mental health issues, anxiety, etc. All the above that we are all striving to achieve as in security, connection and control is actually present in one person that we fail to talk to most of the time, but He is ever ready and waiting patiently for us to make the move, as we will not only strive but thrive in all of the listed situations and we have nothing to prove or even pay before we can get it, I’m talking about the “Creator of the Universe” — our “Source”.

what is anger? how to deal with anger the right way, anxiety, depression, fear, low self-esteem.

How I have been able to handle rejection in a positive manner?

All I have been trying to say is that whether you are a “Christian” or not, or whether you are a “Muslim” or even “an idol worshipper”, our beliefs will never be the same, but the author of the universe already knows and has decided to allow us to co-habit regardless of your belief, or not. I’m sure you believe in something, it does not really matter, what mattered most is that we cannot run away from each other simply because you did not believe in what I believe in. The Creator of the Universe sent to me both Muslims, Christians, non-believers and even the HOs, they all addressed the issues in a similar fashion and one actually told me when she asked me what I was doing on the PC, the day she visited me in the house and I told her “I enjoy writing and I’m just trying to write what I enjoy doing”, she simply said to me “Well done, maybe you will put it on Amazon” and you can start to sell. That was exactly what I was writing about “how did she know” I don’t know. Another lady told me the 2nd day she paid me a visit too to my house and said you have too much information overload and you need to live one day at a time. I now realise, that the Creator of the Universe never created us equally, some are meant to reap where they never sowed and will never accept you whether you are hard-working or not. I know and I’m sure you believe in something, though, we don’t all believe in the existence of Christianity, but hey, I believe and I can say with boldness that “Being a Christian does not exempt us from trouble (rejection), etc., however, one assurance that I have is that the “Source” is ready to listen and bring us out and take us to where he had created each and every one of us to be without paying a cent. I was blessed by people that I called and referred to as HOs, they were able to bring me out of my negative rejection syndrome and I quickly realised that I need to go back to my “Source” even with tears in my eyes, that I have failed him terribly, but because, He gives second, third and many chances, will accept you as you are and you will have peace — meaning you have nothing to prove. I sincerely appreciate all of them that I cannot mention their names at the moment, but will eventually do in future as I will approach each and every one of them individually to let them know how the “Source” had used all of them in my rejections, losses, failures, etc. Other things that I learnt are:






Perseverance and much more are needed as we deal with rejections be it in relationships, employment, families, etc.

If you have been rejected whether in the past or now, please ensure you do the following:

The first thing to do is to acknowledge that rejection is impossible to avoid and the next thing to do is to look for ways to deal with the rejection so that it won’t lead to critical health issues like mental health, anxiety, depression, panic attack, even committing suicide and much more. We all know that feeling rejected is the opposite of feeling accepted, however, being rejected does not mean that you are not liked, valued, or important, it just means that one time, in one situation, with one person, things did not work out. To be honest, rejection hurts and it is impossible to avoid it altogether and you don’t want to. There are many ways by which we experience rejection which can be in our relationships, family, workplace, or even at getting a job, the list is endless. So if you have been rejected at one point or the other, I’m sure we all have, we all have to deal with it which can be either positive or negative.

It happens to everyone.

If care is not taken rejection can be handled negatively, and it will lead to the following, though, I mentioned it above:


What is Fear and is it the same as a distraction?

Fear simply means “Force evidence that appears real”.

Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attach

Loss of Confidence

Prefer to die than to live

Becoming unnecessarily angry all the time, (hangry lion) thus it affects your relationship even with those members of your family, friends, and colleagues that truly love you. So it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, instead of allowing rejection to lead to negative impacts, you can actually turn it into positive which will help you to move forward:

Positive Rejection handling will lead to the following:

You will realise that not everyone will like you even if you give yourself to be killed or go out of your way to please these types of people, those that will not like you will never like you regardless of whatever help you render to them or not, it will always be “it is not good enough”.

Love yourself as you are, the Creator of the Universe did not make mistake in creating you as you are and has already deposited into you the potential to become what He has created you to be. Perfect love actually casts out fear.

All humans and this includes everybody whether old or young, enlightened or not, have 3 basic needs that will all strive to achieve and these are:



Control (Self-will)

When one of these is lacking, fear will set in and questions like “if I don’t get that job, what will happen, if I’m rejected in a relationship, what becomes of me, or what if I fail to make a positive impact on my children, what then becomes of me and the list goes on and on. To handle your rejection in a positive manner, realise that not everyone, repeat, no one will give you either security, connection, or control, so instead of dwelling on the negatives, appreciate yourself as you are and move forward to the next phase of your life.

How to Cope with Rejection

Rejection is a universal experience and the fear of rejection is very common (as explained by Brian Jones) who is a therapist in Seattle. Most people experience rejection over many things which can either be big or small at least a few times in their lives such as:

Being turned down for a job offer where you were expecting immediate hire based on your performance

A friend ignores your message(s) because he/she does not want to hang out with you.

Turned down for a date

A long-term partner leaving you for someone else

Not receiving an invitation to a classmate’s party

Turned down by your own immediate family because they perceive you as useless (the list goes on).

It does not really feel good when something does not happen the way we wanted it to, but one thing is that not all of life’s experiences turn out the way we hope. Therefore it is always good to remind ourselves that rejection is just a normal part of life (this we will all face at some point or other in our lives) and once we realise this, it will help us to move to the next phase of our lives. We are all here temporarily and whether we like it or not, believe it or not, we will all leave, and while we are leaving, the Creator of the Universe will send down new “people” that will take over from where we stopped.

Validate Your Feelings

No matter the source of your rejection it still hurts. Other people might see what happened to you as no big deal and encourage you to get over it and move on. However, for the person experiencing rejection, the pain might linger especially if you happen to have a higher sensitivity to rejection. Rejection could also involve other uncomfortable emotions such as embarrassment, awkwardness, suicide, etc. No one can tell you how you are feeling except “you” so before you can address your feelings around rejection, it is important to acknowledge them. Simply telling yourself that you don’t care about getting hurt when you really do denies you the opportunity to confront and manage this fear productively.

Be Honest With Yourself

This is more like validating your feelings but being honest means the ability to cope well with rejection that involves working with two things which are how you feel and what you think.

Let’s start with feelings: If you get rejected you need to acknowledge it to yourself. So in this case you won’t try to brush it off or pretend it is not painful. So instead of saying “I shouldn’t feel this way,” think about how normal it is to feel like you do, given your situation.

Notice how intense your feelings are. Did this rejection upset you a lot? Or just a little? Cry if you want to as it is a natural way to release the emotion so that you can move on. The next move is to name what you are feeling and how your feeling is. For instance, you can say “I feel really disappointed that I had been rejected despite all my efforts”. I wanted it so badly and I tried so hard and I feel left out because my friends made it but I didn’t.

If you like you can tell someone what happened and how you feel about it, you need to pick someone that will listen and be supportive. The need to tell someone else can help for two reasons which are:

It can be reassuring to know that someone understands what you are going through and how it feels.

It forces you to put your feelings into words.

I’m talking from experience here otherwise this rejection can lead to all the rejection symptoms that I have listed above.

However, whether you decide to share your feelings with someone else or simply think about them, acknowledging them can help you move beyond painful emotions. The better we get at dealing with our rejections, the less they will affect us.

Be Positive Regardless of your feelings

When we are dealing with a painful emotion like rejection, it is easy to get caught up in the bad feeling. However dwelling on the negative stuff can feel like living the experience over and over again, this will not allow you to move forward. Not only does it keep hurting, but it also becomes harder to get past the rejection.

So you need to admit how you feel about the rejection or hate, but don’t dwell on it. You need to avoid talking or thinking about it, full-stop. Getting stuck in a negative outlook will bring you more rejection and it certainly does not inspire you as a person to try again.

Examine Your Thought Soundtrack

Now you need to consider how to explain the rejection to yourself. Such as being too hard on yourself which is natural and thinking on the line “How and why did this happen” When you give yourself an explanation, be careful to stick to the facts.

You need to tell yourself: “I got turned down for prom because the person didn’t want to go with me.” Don’t tell yourself: “I got turned down because I’m not attractive” or “I’m such a loser.” You are not a loser, neither a victim, nor mediocre, but know that you are valued as a victor and a child of destiny.

Self-blaming or put-down thinking will definitely exaggerate our faults and lead us to believe stuff about ourselves that simply are not true. This kind of thinking crowds out hope and a belief in ourselves which are the very things we need to get past feeling bad and want to try again.

If you start blaming yourself for the rejection or putting yourself down, you will start believing you will always be rejected. Thoughts like, “I will never get a job” “No one will ever like me” or “No one will ever date me” amplify a simple rejection to disaster level. Rejection can hurt a lot and can be terribly disappointing, but it is not the end of the world.

Keep Things in Perspective

You need to tell yourself it is okay so I got rejected this time, next time I will definitely get a “yes” or at least “oh well” This has happened it is not how I wanted it, and I don’t like it. Everyone gets rejected at one point or the other in their lives and I will try again next time.

Think about what you are good at and what is good about you. You need to remember times when you have been accepted when someone told you “yes” or “when you made a cut” and much more.

Give yourself credit for trying as you took a risk which is good for you. Always remind yourself that you can handle rejections regardless of how painful it was. Though you were turned down now, there will be another opportunity at another time. You need to get philosophical as some things happen for reasons that we cannot understand now but will become clearer in the future.

Use Rejection to Your Advantage

Rejection is a chance to consider if there are things we can work on and if it is okay to think about whether there is room for improvement or if your goals were higher than your skills. If your skills were not strong enough, we need to work on our game, our studies, our interview techniques, or whatever it takes to improve our chances of getting accepted next time. Kindly use your rejection as an opportunity for self-improvement.

Most times you will realise rejection is a harsh reality check but if you approach it the right way, it will help nudge you in a direction that turns out to be the perfect fit for your talents, personality, and all the really great things that make you who you are.

I might be editing this story from time to time, but, if this is your first time coming across my story on “medium”, please let me know your thoughts, and if you are following me and I’m yet to follow you back, simply send me a mail to “”, and I will follow you back.

Hopefully, I will be able to reveal more in the story of my life if the Creator of the Universe permits it. Furthermore, I have always been on “medium”, as I like to research a lot and cannot even explain how I managed to discover the platform, but one thing I can remember though was that when medium started, they were actually inviting people to the medium platform. I came wrote just one article or maybe two and I left. However, I kept coming back and could see that I have a few followers, but there is one individual on this platform that lured me to follow her and got me to subscribe to her email list, I have mentioned her in some of my questions “Madam Abena Talks” ( I don’t even know what she is talking about), as her claim of 7 figure income per year is “white lie”, even with the claim of 7 figure income (Over $1,000,000.00/year cannot afford $5/month to read stories), yet wants you to subscribe to become a paid member using her link. This is not the end of the story as I’m already investigating her and will like her to reply to me via this great platform as I’m prepared and ready to fight “MAT” and we can actually take the case beyond “medium” if she chooses to, because, I will not give up until I get rid of her permanently (she is a liar, that cannot be trusted). I came back through another fraudster who claimed to be earning $100,000.00/year on medium alone, by simply posting affiliate links and knew within 24 hours that he too is another liar from “hell”, he was never on medium and you can find out as soon as you type into the search browser whether by the name or the nickname and much more, and he is only using Youtube to promote his business or businesses.

I have so many other individuals both offline and online that have hurt me deeply, and I’m ready now and prepared to reveal each and every one of them as no one knows his/her last minute or even seconds on earth, though, some fraudsters too that I know very well will make you believe that they even know the day, time, hour, minutes and the type of death that will kill them, yet they are all scared of the word “death”.

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